Beam Orbit Control in TESLA Superconducting Cavities from Dipole Mode Measurements
Coupleurs de Puissance HF pour Cavités Supraconductrices en Mode Pulsé
The Impact on Electronic Devices with the Special Consideration of Neutron and Gamma Radiation Monitoring
Diagnostics System for Backing Calorimeter and Low Level RF of VUV-FEL
Smart Materials as Sensors and Actuators for Lorentz Force Tuning System
RF Field Amplitude and Phase Calibration for Particle Accelerator Based on Beam Induced Transient Detection
RF Enhanced Field Emission from Metallic Surfaces and Nanowires
Elettropulitura del Niobo con Elettroliti a Base di Liquidi Ionici
Fast Frequency Tuner for High Gradient SC Cavities for ILC and XFEL


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