SRF Publication 2007

Purity of Nb and Pb Films Deposited by an Ultra-High Vacuum Cathodic Arc
J. Langner, M.J. Sadowski, P. Strzyzewski, J. Witkowski, S. Tazzari, L. Catani, A. Cianchi, J. Lorkiewicz, R. Russo, J. Sekutowicz, T. Paryjczyk, J. Rogowski
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (2007), in print

Recent Achievements in Ultra-High Vacuum Arc Deposition of Superconducting Nb Layers
L. Catani, A. Cianchi, D. Digiovanale, R. Polini, S. Tazzari, J. Lorkiewicz, M.J. Sadowski, P. Strzyzewski, B. Ruggiero, R. Russo
SPIE Transactions (2007), submitted for publication

Production of Thin Metallic Films by Means of Arc Discharges Under Ultra-High Vacuum Conditions
P. Strzyzewski, M.J. Sadowski, R.Nietubyc, K. Rogacki, W. Paszkowski, T. Paryjczak, J. Rogowski
Material Science – Poland (2007), submitted for publication

Quality Measurement of Niobium Thin Films for Nb/Cu Superconducting RF Cavities
R. Russo
Measurement Science and Technology, 18, 2299-2313 (2007)

Ultra-High Vacuum Cathodic Arc for Deposition of Superconducting Lead Photo-cathodes
P. Strzyzewski, J. Langner, M.J. Sadowski, J. Witkowski, J. Sekutowicz
Problems of Atomic Science and Technology, 1, Series: Plasma Physics 13, p.185-187 (2007)


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